Why You’ll Love Our Top Brand Apartment Appliances

 Top Brand Apartment Appliances

Stainless Steel Microwave with Hidden Vent

Creating and cleaning up after all your favorite dishes is easy with the 1.7 cubic feet over the range microwave. With up to 1,000 watts of cooking power, you’ll have the flexibility you need to prepare all types of food. A hidden vent on this microwave creates a streamlined appearance that’s easy to wipe clean. Plus, you can easily match the amount of ventilation you need to the dish being prepared with two variable fan-speed settings available on your over the range microwave.

Why you’ll love it…

Hidden Vent: The hidden vent streamlines the appearance of the microwave exterior, making it simpler to wipe clean. Heat up leftovers with ease in this 1.7 cubic foot capacity microwave hood combination. You’ll have the room you need for frequently used items like dinner plates and microwave-safe bowls.

1,000 Watts Cooking Power: Cook your favorite foods quickly and thoroughly with high power.

 Electric Range with Dual Radiant Element

This 4.8 cubic foot capacity electric range lets you get cooking faster than ever. The 9″/6″ Dual radiant Apartments in Doral Ovenelement accommodates various sizes of cookware. The inner ring is perfect for slowly simmering stock pots or quickly boiling water in small pans. The larger outer ring evenly distributes heat to large pots and pans for better results. The AccuBake® temperature management system delivers uniform baking. A built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and controls the cooking elements.

Wide Side-by-Side Stainless Steel Refrigerator with LED Lighting

Enjoy plenty of room for your fresh and frozen favorites with the 21 cubic foot capacity side-by-sideApartments In DoralRefrig stainless steel refrigerator. It’s easy to keep food at the right temperature with the Accu-Chill™ temperature management system, which uses sensors to activate the compressor only when necessary. And, for easy cleanup, SpillGuard™ glass shelves contain spills and leaks inside this led lighting refrigerator. Plus, this side-by-side refrigerator includes Adaptive Defrost that monitors compressor activity and defrosts only when necessary, saving you more energy1.

 Why you’ll love it…

Accu-Chill™ Temperature Management System Cool your food quickly with this model’s temperature management system. This intuitive system senses and adapts using built-in sensors to measure the internal temperature and activates the compressor only when necessary, delivering efficient cooling performance.

SpillGuard™ glass shelves contain leaks and spills for easier cleanup.

Adaptive DefrostApartments in Doral Refig2

Adjustable Gallon Door Bins: Build your door storage to fit your needs. Adjustable gallon door bins easily move when and where you need to. The gallon-size bins can easily accommodate beverage jugs and other larger containers.

LED lighting makes it easy to see fresh and frozen food. It puts a spotlight on food and casts a more natural light on the contents of your refrigerator so food looks as it should.

Flush Exterior Filtered Water and Ice Dispenser: Minimize the need for bottled water with an exterior dispenser that offers cold, filtered water and ice without opening the door, while electronic controls make accessing features easy. The flush dispenser also provides a sleek look.

PUR® Water Filtration System: Kick the bottled water habit with the PUR® water filtration system. You’ll help protect the environment by preventing the disposal of up to 3,000 plastic bottles a year and save over $600 for yourself.

Stainless Steel Dishwasher with ENERGY STAR® qualification

Take home a dishwasher that will help improve your home and the environment. With ENERGY STAR® and CEE  qualifications, this dishwasher exceeds federal minimum energy efficiency standards by Dishwasher Apartments iN Doralmore than 15% and may qualify for rebates. The resource-efficient wash system cleans a full load of dishes using nearly 1/2 the water and energy, while the Tall Tub design allows you to load tall and odd-shaped items in both racks. Now you have the space you need to clean up after family meals and the energy-efficiency to save money on utility bills while you’re doing it

Why you’ll love it…

The AccuSense® soil sensor determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts the Normal cycle as needed to make sure dishes come out clean.

1-Hour Wash Cycle: The 1-Hour Wash cycle cleans dishes in half the time.


 Top Load Washer with Care Control Temperature Management System

Enjoy exceptional cleaning and efficiency with a washer that combines the best of both worlds. The Whirlpool® 3.6 cubic foot top load washer not only helps reduce shrinking and color bleeding with the Care Control temperature management system, but it also saves energy by using the right temperature for detergent. Try customizing cleaning with the Fabric Sense™ wash system. It makes sure you always have the right temperature, cycle time and agitation speed, while a smooth motion agitator takes care of bringing laundry to the bottom of the wash basket where cleaning takes place. Thanks to specially designed ridges, this model can even clean twice the average size load.

 Take on dirt with this washer thanks to the Deep Water Wash option that fills the white porcelain tub wash basket with more water to help break down loose soils. Remove deep stains with the Heavy Duty cycle. For bulky loads to wash bedding or winter jackets, choose the Bulky Items/Sheets cycle. Caring for delicates and other fine washables is easy with the Delicates cycle. Meet your family’s day-to-day needs by caring for loads of business clothes with the Casual cycle and keeping darks and brights looking their best with the Cold Wash cycle. Save a little time with the Quick Washcycle, so you can care on your schedule.

Why you’ll love it…

Water Level Selection

Choose the water level you need for the cycle you want. No matter which cycle you choose, Water Level Selection lets you select Auto Fill to adjust water based on load size or the Deep Water Wash option to help break down loose soils with more water.

 Dual Action Spiral Agitator: Take on your toughest loads. The traditional dual action spiral agitator provides the wash action and cleaning performance to give your clothes the right clean.
 White Porcelain Tub: This wash basket is designed with smooth porcelain to help prevent even the most delicate fabric from snagging.

Traditional Electric Dryer with AutoDry™ system

A dryer with intelligence. This 7.0 cubic foot electric model features the AutoDry™ system, which senses when clothes have reached the right temperature and stops the cycle to save energy. It also has 13 automatic cycles and 4 temperature settings to give you precise control over your drying, while the Wrinkle Shield™ option helps prevent wrinkles from setting in after the load is finished. Now that’s smart.